Join the International Association of Penal Law

You may pay as follows:

Payment instructions

By check : Join your check to your membership form and mail it to : AIDP secretariat BP 60118 F- 33008 Bordeaux Cedex (France)

Bank transfer : Bank references:

BNP PARIBAS BORDEAUX C ROUGE Acct n° : 3004 / 00320 / 00010438828/70

BIC : BNPAFRPPBOR CODE IBAN : FR76 3000 4003 2000 0104 3882 870

Once the bank transfer is done, don’t forget to send your membership application form together with a copy of the bank transfer order by fax or email, or by mail to the secretariat of the Association. The identity of the sender does not appear on the bank statement and if you don’t send a copy of the bank transfer separately, we will not be able to credit the transfer to your membership and you will not be registered as a member.

Payment by credit card :

- Online

- By fax or mail, downloading the subscription form. Do not forget to sign your application. Please return the form by fax or email, or by mail.

The cryptogram is the three-digit number on the reverse side of your credit card. It is necessary for payment. For American express credit card holders, the cryptogram is a four-digit number situated on the front side of the credit card.

Should I pay directly to the AIDP or through the National Group of my country?

Your initial registration fee should be paid directly to the AIDP, through one of the means chosen above. We will inform your national group of your willingness to become part of the Group, and you may receive a separate call for dues to the National Group. Every year, the AIDP secretariat will issue a call for dues to all members. Concurrently, some national groups may issue a call for dues both for the group and for the AIDP itself. You can always choose to pay directly to the AIDP, and separately to your group if you want to remain a member.

If you pay all your dues to the national group, the group will transfer your AIDP/IAPL part of the payment to the AIDP secretariat. Once this is done (and only then), your AIDP/IAPL membership will be updated and you will receive your AIDP/IAPL membership card and the subsequent volumes of the International Review of Penal Law. Contact your national group to receive instructions in this respect.

See the list of national groups and contact persons.