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Guidelines for the establishment of national Groups

  1. A National Section shall consist of no less than 10 individuals all of whom should qualify for individual membership in the Association in accordance with the by-laws.
  2. All members of a National Section must be individual members in the Association.
  3. Individual membership is accomplished by filling the appropriate membership application form and payment of the annual dues, membership including or not subscription to the Revue Internationale de Droit Pénal, and approved by The Conseil de Direction.
  4. Each National Section shall pay annual dues (See Annex).
  5. A National Section will receive 2 free copies of each issues of the Revue.
  6. National Sections and individual members in countries having restrictions on currency transfers and who cannot obtain an appropriate transfer permit shall deposit the dues in special accounts in their country which funds shall be used at the direction of the President, Secretary General or Treasurer of the Association.
  7. All payments for individual membership, subscription to the Revue, dues of National Sections are to be made payable by check, money order or postal order to "Association Internationale de Droit Pénal" (See Annex).
  8. The name and address of all members of a National Section must be forwarded to Secretariat of Pau by the President, Secretary or Treasurer of a National Section.
  9. Each National Section shall elect a President, Secretary and/or Treasurer and any other officers it may wish, according to the by-laws of I.A.P.L. Their name and address to be communicated after every election to Secretariat of Pau.
  10. The President of a National Section shall be the spokesperson for the National Section and the liaison person with the officers and Conseil de Direction of the Association. He or she shall have the right to participate without a vote in the meetings of the Conseil de Direction.
  11. The Treasurer shall be responsible for sending annually the dues of the National Section. By special arrangement with the Association’s Treasurer, he or she may also collect the dues of individual members of the National Section and forward them to the Association’s Treasurer as indicated in paragraph 7 above.
  12. Individual members of the association will receive every year (directly) two Newsletters informing the membership of various events and activities relevant to the life of the Association.


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