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Fondée en 1924
 12 rue Charles Fourier. 75013 Paris (France)
e-mail :
33, avenue Marcel-Dassault, 31500 TOULOUSE (France)
The International Review of Penal Law is the medium of the International Association of Penal Law. It is meant to be a scientific forum of reference contributing to the development of ideas, knowledge and practices in the field of penal sciences. Combining the international and comparative perspectives, the Review covers general theory and penal philosophy, general penal law, special penal law, criminal procedure and international penal law.
The Review is intended for academics, scientists and members of legal professions (judges, lawyers, government officials). It publishes articles on fundamental issues, chronicles and various information. It also publishes the reports of conferences and symposia organized by the I.A.P.L. or the International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences of Siracusa.
The Review comprises, in principle, two (double) issues, published in June (n°s 1-2) and December (n°s 3-4) of each year.
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Nouvelles Etudes Pénales
The Nouvelles Etudes Pénales publish either the results of the Experts Committees, or the procedures of the academic meetings organised by the Association of the I.S.I.S.C. The results of the activities of the National Groups of the Association can be also published by the Nouvelles Etudes Pénales .
The Nouvelles Etudes Pénales are published by Editions ERES (33, avenue Marcel-Dassault, 31500 TOULOUSE (France)). They are distributed freely among the members of the Association.
Revue électronique de l’AIDP / Electronic Review of the IAPL / Revista electrónica de la AIDP
The Electronic Review of the IAPL welcomes original articles in English, French or Spanish.
The periodicity of the ReAIDP / e-RIAPL is annual. Each issue is opened in January and closed in December, time throughout which the different works are continuously published.
Submitted articles shall not have been previously published in other periodicals or collective works and shall not be submitted to other periodicals simultaneously. Exceptionally the publication of articles already published in a language different from the officials of the ReAIDP / e-RIAPL will be admitted, indicating the reference of the publication in the original language.
All articles sent to the ReAIDP / e-RIAPL are submitted, in view of their publication, to the Editorial Board.