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The AIDP/IAPL is open to all those who, in the different countries, devote themselves to the study of criminal law or are concerned with its application and who promote the development of legislation and institutions with a view towards providing a more humane and efficient system for the administration of justice. In addition, students and the Young Penalists are welcome in our Association and a special category of membership has been established for their participation.

Come and join us at the AIDP-IAPL!

Professor John Vervaele


Considering the high cost of organising preparatory colloquia and the relatively low visibility, the decision was made to reform preparatory colloquia into international colloquia (that should be organised in 2016, 2017 and 2018). The following ...

The Argentine Group of the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP) expresses its deep sorrow and grief over the death of Prof. Dr. David Baigún and offers its condolences to his family at this painful time.
Among other distinctions ...

Considering the length of AIDP’s 5-year working cycle and the impact on practice as well as attractiveness to a wider public and for funding opportunities, one overarching theme was identified that allows for four sub-topics and specific research ...

The new fax number is

+33 1 73 76 64 71

Please note that the previous fax number, which may still be noted on certain documents, is no longer in order.

At the Board of Directors meeting this June, the Strategic Considerations of the AIDP tabled by President John Vervaele have been adopted. This ...