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Happy Holidays 2022

To all our national groups and members, affiliates and friends 


Fortunately 2022 did come with much better perspectives for the most of us. We were able to meet again in person and could organise our first International Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence and Criminal Justice in relation to the general part (section I)  in Siracusa in September and thus produce the first set of resolutions.

The national rapporteurs of section II, section III and IV,  together with the national groups of Romania, Argentina and Croatia, are working very hard to prepare their Colloquia, to be held in March 2023 in Buenos Aires, in June 2023 in Bucharest and in probably in December 2023 in Croatia.

The Young Penalists Committee has been very active and productive and we all did enjoy their passion for the criminal law sciences.

The AIDP has started the preparations of the XXIth  Congress of the AIDP in Paris in the last week of June  2024, to be  organized by the French national group and the University Paris Panthéon-Assas, under the lead of Professor Didier Rebut. During this Congress we will also commemorate our 100th Anniversary, exactly in the historic place in Paris were the AIDP was established, as a refoundation of the Union Internationale de Droit Pénal.    

I hope that we all can meet each other in the upcoming international colloquia and other events in 2023 and whish you


Pleasant Holidays and a healthy and prosperous new year!!    


John Vervaele

President of the AIDP