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AIDP XX International Congress of Penal Law “Criminal Justice and Corporate Business”, Rome, 13-16 November 2019

Dear Members of the AIDP,

it is a great pleasure to inform you that the AIDP XX International Congress of Penal Law “Criminal Justice and Corporate Business”, organised by the Italian National Group in collaboration with Luiss Guido Carli University, will take place in Rome on 13-16 November 2019.

The 2019 International Congress will focus on the relationship between criminal justice and corporate business.  Due to the growing role of corporations in society, corporations have become a central actor in domestic and international regulation, going from issues on corporate social responsibility to criminal liability for corruption and serious human rights violations. The Congress is the reflection of the work of the AIDP in the last five years on individual liability for business involvement in international crimes, food regulation and criminal justice, the interplay between administrative and criminal enforcement and the prosecution of corporations for violations of international law and related jurisdictional issues. The numerous plenary and parallel sessions of the Congress will also focus on subjects of particular relevance to the international debate, as the fight against corruption, new technologies and economic criminal law, the criminal law protection of the environment, regulation and market control and ne bis in idem, the responsibility of corporations for the protection of human rights, the elaboration of genuinely supranational business criminal law, and the harmonization of laws at international level to promote  sustainable development. The 2019 International Congress will represent an extraordinary opportunity to foster the debate with representatives of academia, institutions, governments, the judiciary, and the corporate community.

We also have the pleasure to announce that His Holiness Pope Francis has honoured us by granting a private audience for those participating in the AIDP Congress.

You can find the Program and all information on the XX International Congress of Penal Law on Criminal Justice and Corporate Business at the website To participate, please make sure you are in order with the payment of your 2019 membership by logging in on the website Afterwards, to register to the XXth Congress, please follow the instructions at

Should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact The Triumph Group: or the Luiss Staff:

With kindest regards,


Paola Severino, Vice-President of Luiss University and President AIDP – Italian Group

John Vervaele, President AIDP