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Guidelines for AIDP/IAPL Regional Conferences

1. A Regional Conference is a Conference organized by one National Group with the support or collaboration of, at least, another one belonging to the same geographical or linguistic region.

2. Initiatives to hold a regional conference have to be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. In order to receive the sponsorship of the Association, the place of the Conference, the subject of the Conference and the Program should be endorsed by the Scientific Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. The Scientific Committee may modify the topic and the agenda of the Conference as appropriate, in consultation with the National Group organizing the Conference.

3. As a general principle, the duration of the Regional Conferences should be at least of two full working days.

4. Organizing Groups should ensure the presence in the Regional Conference of two members of the Executive Committee and/or the Scientific Committee, one of them being the Deputy of the Secretary General in charge of the Region concerned.

5. The proposals of the Regional Conferences that, due to the time of submission and/or the holding of the Congress, cannot be examined by the Scientific Committee will be reviewed by the delegate’s commission, composed of the five elected members under the authority of the Vicepresident charged with the coordination of the Scientific Committee. The adopted decisions will be communicated to all members of the Scientific Committee.