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Hans-Heinrich Jescheck Prize

The International Association of Penal Law together with the Max-Planck Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law (Freiburg, Germany) have established the “Hans-Heinrich Jescheck Prize”.

The "Hans-Heinrich Jescheck Prize" shall be awarded on the occasion

  • of each International Congress of Penal Law, , and/or
  • of each World Conference of Penal Law, and/or
  • of a special event organised by the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP-IAPL) or the Max Planck Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law.

The Hans-Heinrich Jescheck Award, established in 2009, recognizes a lifetime achievement of sustained innovative and outstanding research that has contributed significantly to the advancement of comparative, international, or supranational criminal law. 




Awarded Persons

Mireille Delmas-Marty (2009)

Klaus Tiedemann (2014)

Raúl Zaffaroni (2014)

Christine Van den Wyngaert (2019)

Steve Thaman (2019)

Raimo Lahti (2024)