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Presentation of National Groups

The International Association of Penal Law includes national groups in 38 countries worldwide. These national groups hold their own scientific activities, and report to the Board of Directors which takes place every June in Paris.

List of National Groups and Contact persons.

It is not mandatory to join the national group of your country, but it is highly recommended, and allows you to contribute to the activities of the group. You may also, together with other members in your country, create your own group following the guidelines issued by the IADP/IAPL. There can be only one national group in a given country.

Most of them raise a separate contribution for the finances of the group. In the case of the Association française de droit pénal, the French national group, the fees are collected at the times of the payment to the AIDP/IAPL, and refunded to the AFDP. Contact your National Group for more information.